Summer 2011, Issue 17

This edition of Point-to-Point explores the role of airline leverage as a contributor to success of the global aviation industry. Carriers that have successfully deleveraged have struck a balance between airplane asset value and its credit worthiness that help reduce industry volatility and risk. Mike Bair, who has led planning for the future of the popular single-aisle 737 product, talks about the company's decision to product the new engine 737 MAX. We introduce the members of the MAX family and report on the U.S. and European certification of the new 787 Dreamliner. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future Point-to-Point articles.

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Aviation Confronts the Challenge of Climate Change
Kostya Zolotusky
Managing Director, Boeing Capital

Global Airline Deleveraging is Driving Down Risk

When funding aircraft, lenders are depending more on aircraft value than on the borrower's credit worthiness, thanks to the strong track record of the aircraft assets. Analysis of the factors that affect industry health shows that leverage – both operating and financial – play a key role. Transforming fixed costs to variable ones has made airlines more flexible, and managing financing costs with tools like leasing instead of owning aircraft, and making larger down payments, has also helped. Deleveraging was a lesson the industry learned over the last decade that helped it recover from 9-11 and weather the more recent economic disruption. It has created much greater flexibility and made the industry less risky.

Aircraft Financiers Are Helping Shape Potential Aviation Regulation
Mike Bair

Clear Direction Emerges with New Engine 737

Boeing's recent evaluation of two options for the next new single-aisle airplane has led to its decision to offer the new engine variant known as 737 MAX as the best and most-cost effective answer to our customers' call for a capable and cost-efficient airplane for this market sector.

Aircraft Financiers Are Helping Shape Potential Aviation Regulation
MAX Family

Meet the MAX Family

The 737 MAX 7, 8 and 9, powered by CFMI's LEAP 1B engine, will build on the strength of the Next-Generation 737.

Aircraft Financiers Are Helping Shape Potential Aviation Regulation
Dreamliner Certification

Dreamliner Receives FAA, EASA Certification

U.S., Europe aviation officials provide approval to clear way for first 787 delivery to ANA.

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